Zorn museum

Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920) has often been called the painters’ painter. A virtuoso artist in everything he did, Zorn created art that is simultaneously earnest and sensuous, everyday and exclusive. No one painted water like Zorn or created portraits with the same bravura or depicted women as sensually. Visit Zorn in his own hometown and be seduced by his art.

Zorn Museum

The Zorn Museum has the world’s largest collection of works by artist Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920). A permanent exhibition presents Zorn’s watercolours, oil paintings, sculptures and etchings. A separate room shows the comprehensive collection of silverware that once adorned Zorn House, as well as the awards won by the artist and Emma Zorn’s jewellery. Showing every day is a short film about Anders Zorn, produced by Anders Hanser. The museum also produces temporary exhibitions several times each year.

Zorn House

Zorn House is one of the most famous artist homes in Sweden. Built and decorated around the turn of last century by Anders and Emma Zorn, it remains today almost untouched since their time. In the originally designed rooms, art and objects from all over the world are mixed with kurbits and traditional artwork from Dalarna: woven tapestries, antique marble sculptures, paintings by old masters and furniture designed by Zorn himself. The house also has a garden with old-fashioned roses, vegetables and fruit trees, as well as sculptures by Zorn.

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